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Hewlett Packard Enterprise - počítačové kurzy

06.12. 2021 (dnů = 2) - Katalogová cena: 22680 Kč (Praha), 22680 Kč (Brno), 875 EUR (Bratislava)
Many businesses and enterprises have embarked on a transformation journey to become more efficient, innovative and competitive. This transformation journey is from traditional, on-premise IT to a more service-focused, agile, and elastic environment called the cloud. This course covers foundational topics related to the cloud, including the disruptive waves and opportunities in today’s economy, cloud definition and benefits, and the steps to plan and transform your enterprise into an on-demand infrastructure. Experienced HPE instructors also share expert opinion on cloud opportunities, as well as the technologies, solutions, and services provided by cloud models to help the journey.
13.12. 2021 (dnů = 3) - Katalogová cena: 37800 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 1419 EUR (Bratislava)
This course overviews 3PAR hardware and architecture along with giving administrators insight in to the constructs within the 3PAR array family. Students will explore Virtual Volumes and Thin Provisioning along with performing other administrative tasks via both GUI and CLI methods. The class discusses local and remote data copies along with reporting, scheduling and space management. Hands-on lab exercises are not included.