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IBM - počítačové kurzy GOPAS

12.06. 2023 (dnů = 3) - Katalogová cena: 54000 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 2348 EUR (Bratislava)
This course teaches you how to make use of advanced SQL techniques to access DB2 databases in different environments. This course is appropriate for customers working in all DB2 environments, specifically for z/OS, Linux, UNIX, and Windows.
12.06. 2023 (dnů = 4) - Katalogová cena: 53600 Kč (Praha), 53600 Kč (Brno), 2100 EUR (Bratislava)
In this four-day course, you learn about installation, configuration and administration of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus v10.1.8. This begins with a review of the software features and functions, and the basic requirements, including architecture and data movement, and upgrade of the various components. Then, through lecture and hands-on labs, you learn how to deploy an environment as a virtual appliance or as a set of containers. You add providers and create customized SLA policies with options. You associate providers with policy to protect data in file systems and virtual machines, a variety of applications and databases, and Kubernetes and OpenShift containers. You configure and manage user access to the system and to the providers you protect. You manage jobs, plan and prepare for disaster recovery, view log files for monitoring and troubleshooting, and create custom reports.
12.06. 2023 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 95000 Kč (Praha), 95000 Kč (Brno), 4130 EUR (Bratislava)
Provide focused training for experienced UNIX administrators on how to install, customize, and administer the AIX operating system in a multiuser POWER (System p) partitioned environment. The course is based on AIX 7.1 running on a Power system managed by Hardware Management Console version 7 and provides practical discussions that are appropriate to earlier AIX releases.
15.06. 2023 (dnů = 2) - Katalogová cena: 20100 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 787 EUR (Bratislava)
This Tech Data exclusive training focuses on advanced lab module excercises of IBM SOAR (Resilient). The training includes presentation from the trainer as well as excercises in lab environment for better experience in practice.
19.06. 2023 (dnů = 2) - Katalogová cena: 36600 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 1464 EUR (Bratislava)
This course teaches you the skills that are needed to manage Liberty servers and collectives. The course is designed for application server administrators. You learn how to use the graphical Admin Center and the command line scripting to manage servers from a collective controller. The course also covers how to deploy a cluster of packaged servers for Liberty runtimes, view the deployment environment, and view basic performance metrics. You learn how to use the Dynamic Routing feature of Liberty to enable routing of HTTP requests to collective members. You also configure the auto-scaling and health management features for Liberty. Finally, you learn how to secure Liberty and enable SSL communication in Liberty.
19.06. 2023 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 67000 Kč (Praha), 67000 Kč (Brno), 2630 EUR (Bratislava)
You will learn how to implement advanced IBM PowerVM features, such as Active Memory Sharing, Active Memory Expansion, shared dedicated processors, and multiple shared processor pools. Additionally, you will learn skills to implement, measure, analyze, and tune PowerVM virtualization features for optimal performance on IBM Power Systems servers. This course focuses on the features that relate to the performance of IBM POWER processor-based systems, AIX, and the special monitoring, configuring, and tuning needs of logical partitions (LPARs). This course does not cover application monitoring and tuning. You will also learn AIX performance analysis and tuning tools that help an administrator take advantage of shared processors and other virtualization features of the IBM Power Systems servers. Hands-on lab exercises reinforce each lecture and give the students practical experience.
27.07. 2023 (dnů = 2) - Katalogová cena: 31000 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 1240 EUR (Bratislava)
QRadar SIEM provides deep visibility into network, user, and application activity. It provides collection, normalization, correlation, and secure storage of events, flows, assets, and vulnerabilities. Suspected attacks and policy breaches are highlighted as offenses. This 2-day course walks you through various advanced topics about QRadar such as custom log sources, reference data collections and custom rules, X-Force data and the Threat Intelligence app, UBA and QRadar Advisor, tuning and custom action scripts. The course also discusses integration with IBM SOAR. Hands-on exercises reinforce the skills learned.
07.08. 2023 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 67000 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 2630 EUR (Bratislava)
This course is designed to teach experienced PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX professionals the latest features in PowerHA SystemMirror. It covers how to: Effectively administer and monitor an IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX cluster Implement PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX's more complex options
14.08. 2023 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 96000 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 2630 EUR (Bratislava)
IBM Spectrum Protect is an enterprise data protection solution designed to help you streamline your data protection processing, reduce the cost of storage, and provide the flexibility and security to meet any service level agreement. IBM Spectrum Protect optimizes storage utilization by using incremental forever as well as block-level backup and replication, policy-based data management, and an intuitive interface, the Operations Center. In this course, you learn how the use of two or more Spectrum Protect servers provides more options for data movement in the environment, like replication to multiple targets. You also use IBM Cloud Object Storage to create a storage pool for backups and long-term retention. The bulk of the administrative tasks are performed using the Operations Center and Command Builder which provides a command line interface for all servers configured in the Operations Center. This course also includes scripting, performance tuning, protecting, and recovering the database and storage pools, and an introduction to IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. The hands-on exercises are performed on three different IBM Spectrum Protect servers, two on Windows, and one on Linux, with additional systems added to provide the IBM Cloud Object Storage environment. This course is the second in a two-course series. It is for Spectrum Protect administrators who are familiar with the daily management tasks on a single server, and focuses on incorporating more advanced features, including replication and use of cloud object storage. Basic concepts and installation are not covered in this course.
18.09. 2023 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 96000 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 3840 EUR (Bratislava)
IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.12 is a data backup and recovery solution designed to help you manage your data retention, reduce the cost of storage, and provide appropriate recovery point objectives to meet any service level agreement. IBM Spectrum Protect offers improved efficiency and flexibility using object-based data management and policy driven retention. This five-day course will focus on implementation and basic administration of an IBM Spectrum Protect environment. The hands-on lab exercises are performed on a Windows 2016 environment. The course materials include examples of AIX and Linux commands, when different from Windows.
18.09. 2023 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 67000 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 2630 EUR (Bratislava)
This course teaches you the skills that are needed to administer IBM WebSphere Application Server V9. This release of IBM WebSphere Application Server provides enhanced support for standards (notably Java 7 EE), emerging technology, and a choice of development frameworks. In this course, you learn how to configure and maintain IBM WebSphere Application Server V9 in a single-server environment. You learn how to deploy enterprise Java applications in a single computer configuration. In addition, you learn how to work with features of WebSphere Application Server V9, such as the wsadmin scripting interface, security, and performance monitoring.
25.09. 2023 (dnů = 3) - Katalogová cena: 40200 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 1580 EUR (Bratislava)
This course enables you to perform everyday tasks using the AIX operating system. Learn to perform everyday tasks using the AIX operating system. This course provides lectures and hands on labs in an instructor lead course environment, either in a face-to-face classroom or in a live virtual classroom environment (ILO - Instructor Led Online). The lab images are using the AIX 7.2 operating system.
06.11. 2023 (dnů = 3) - Katalogová cena: 56800 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 2272 EUR (Bratislava)
This course provides authors with an introduction to build reports using Cognos Analytics. Techniques to enhance, customize, and manage reports will be explored. Activities will illustrate and reinforce key concepts during this learning opportunity.
09.11. 2023 (dnů = 2) - Katalogová cena: 26800 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 1050 EUR (Bratislava)
This course teaches experienced authors advanced report building techniques to enhance, customize, manage, and distribute reports. Additionally, the student will learn how to create highly interactive and engaging reports that can be run offline by creating Active Reports.
13.11. 2023 (dnů = 4) - Katalogová cena: 78800 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 2330 EUR (Bratislava)
This course provides technical professionals with the skills that are needed to administer IBM MQ queue managers on distributed operating systems and in the Cloud. In addition to the instructor-led lectures, you participate in hands-on lab exercises that are designed to reinforce lecture content. The lab exercises use IBM MQ V9.0, giving you practical experience with tasks such as handling queue recovery, implementing security, and problem determination. Note: This course does not cover any of the features of MQ for z/OS or MQ for IBM i. For information about other related courses, see the IBM Training website: http://www.ibm.com/training
04.12. 2023 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 67000 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 2630 EUR (Bratislava)
This course provides an overview of the PowerVM edition's features on POWER processor-based systems. It explains the new features and benefits of virtualization including processor virtualization, Virtual I/O Server, and virtual devices, such as virtual Ethernet, virtual SCSI, and virtual Fibre Channel adapters. Basic and advanced configurations of the Virtual I/O Server and its clients are discussed including various availability options. Expand your knowledge about PowerVM features that were introduced in Power Systems for AIX I: LPAR Configuration and Planning (AN11G). This course provides lectures and hands on labs in an instructor lead course environment, either in a face-to-face classroom or in a live virtual classroom environment (ILO - Instructor Led Online).