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Hewlett Packard Enterprise - počítačové kurzy GOPAS

12.06. 2023 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 64900 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 1600 EUR (Bratislava)
This course teaches you how to plan and design HPE compute solutions based on industry standard computing technologies and workloads . Hands-on lab activities will guide you through exercises exploring HPE Synergy components, managing HPE OneView server profiles and HPE ProLiant servers as well as working with HPE Superdome Flex and HPE Superdome Flex 280 . You will learn to recommend and position HPE compute products, solutions, and appropriate services for customer use cases and workloads.
11.09. 2023 (dnů = 3) - Katalogová cena: 37080 Kč (Praha), 37080 Kč (Brno), 0 EUR (Bratislava)
This course provides instruction on HPE Synergy configuration, administration, management, troubleshooting and maintenance. This hands-on course covers day-to-day administration skills on HPE Synergy Composer, HPE Image Streamer, storage module, compute module, frame management, fabric connectivity, multi-frame domains and server profile management. Students will also learn about HPE Global Dashboard features.
22.09. 2023 (dnů = 1) - Katalogová cena: 12300 Kč (Praha), 12300 Kč (Brno), 0 EUR (Bratislava)
Obsahem tohoto školení je seznámení se s novými funkcemi v systému IMDS zavedenými od verze 6.0 včetně a zvýšení efektivity práce s IMDS, REACH.