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Palo Alto Networks - počítačové kurzy GOPAS

28.08. 2023 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 2290 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 2290 EUR (Bratislava)
The Prisma SD-WAN Design and Operation (EDU-238) course describes the next generation Prisma SD-WAN solution, the capability and value it provides over legacy WAN and SD-WAN implementations, and how to configure, operate, and troubleshoot the solution. This course is intended for people who must configure, maintain, and use wide area networks, from data centers, to branches, to the cloud.
25.09. 2023 (dnů = 3) - Katalogová cena: 39000 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 0 EUR (Bratislava)
This course enables you to effectively secure your enterprise network by leveraging the full potential of the Next-Generation FireWall. Most firewall infrastructures have been migrated from a legacy firewall. However, such a like-for-like migration does not protect the network as it is missing the correct setup of all the threat prevention techniques offered by the Next-Generation FireWall. Implementing security best practices can be a serious challenge as it is often difficult to identify where to start and what combination of best practices is adequate for the environment. Therefore, the “FireWall Security Best Practices and Threat Prevention” (EDU-214 replacement) course teaches not only security best practices but also the methodologies to apply them with minimal impact effectively.
25.09. 2023 (dnů = 4) - Katalogová cena: 1890 Kč (Praha), 1890 Kč (Brno), 1890 EUR (Bratislava)
The Cortex™ XSOAR 6.2: Automation and Orchestration (EDU-380) course is four days of instructor-led training that will help you: Configure integrations, create tasks, and develop playbooks Build incident layouts that enable analysts to triage and investigate incidents efficiently Identify how to categorize event information and map that information to display fields Develop automations, manage content, indicator data, and artifact stores, schedule jobs, organize users and user roles, oversee case management, and foster collaboration
10.10. 2023 (dnů = 4) - Katalogová cena: 960 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 0 EUR (Bratislava)
The Palo Alto Networks Panorama 9.0: Managing Firewalls at Scale (EDU-220) course is two days of instructor-led training that will help you: Learn how to configure and manage the next-generation Panorama™ management server Gain experience configuring templates (including template variables) and device groups Gain experience with administration, log collection, and logging and reporting Become familiar with planning and design considerations for Panorama deployment Please Note: This course will be delivered in half-day sessions
04.12. 2023 (dnů = 4) - Katalogová cena: 960 Kč (Praha), 960 Kč (Brno), 960 EUR (Bratislava)
The first part of this instructor-led training enables you to investigate attacks from Cortex XDR management console pages, including the Incidents page and specialized artifact analysis views such as the IP View. In the first part, you will also learn how to run remote Python scripts on your endpoints. The second part of the training enables you to work with Cortex XDR data processing capabilities to protect your environment against advanced threats such as fileless attacks. For example, in this part you will analyze alerts in the Causality View. Also, you will learn about Cortex XDR data collection capabilities, including Cortex XDR API for ingesting external alerts, and leverage the data to investigate threats. The training ends up with introductory modules to XDR Query Language XQL and two Pro features based-on Cortex XDR XQL engine. Please Note: This course will be delivered in half-day sessions