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IBM - počítačové kurzy

06.12. 2021 (dnů = 2) - Katalogová cena: 26800 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 912 EUR (Bratislava)
This course teaches experienced authors advanced report building techniques to enhance, customize, manage, and distribute reports. Additionally, the student will learn how to create highly interactive and engaging reports that can be run offline by creating Active Reports.
06.12. 2021 (dnů = 3) - Katalogová cena: 42000 Kč (Praha), 42000 Kč (Brno), 1680 EUR (Bratislava)
This course will provide the implementation and management skills to create VIOS shared storage pools. This is the term that refers to creating VIOS clusters or storage groups, and using a shared storage pool to provision client storage. You will learn to create the VIOS cluster, manage storage in the shared storage pool, provision storage to client LPARs either using thick or thin provisioning, and manage the VIOS installation by learning how to do backups, restores, and software upgrades.
06.12. 2021 (dnů = 3) - Katalogová cena: 40200 Kč (Praha), 0 Kč (Brno), 1605 EUR (Bratislava)
This course teaches you the skills that are needed to administer IBM WebSphere Application Server V9. This release of IBM WebSphere Application Server provides enhanced support for standards (notably Java 7 EE), emerging technology, and a choice of development frameworks. In this course, you learn how to configure and maintain IBM WebSphere Application Server V9 in a single-server environment. You learn how to deploy enterprise Java applications in a single computer configuration. In addition, you learn how to work with features of WebSphere Application Server V9, such as the wsadmin scripting interface, security, and performance monitoring.
13.12. 2021 (dnů = 5) - Katalogová cena: 67000 Kč (Praha), 67000 Kč (Brno), 2410 EUR (Bratislava)
IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.9 is a data backup and recovery solution designed to help you manage your data retention, reduce the cost of storage, and provide appropriate recovery point objectives to meet any service level agreement. IBM Spectrum Protect offers improved efficiency and flexibility using object-based data management and policy driven retention. This five-day course will focus on implementation and basic administration of a IBM Spectrum Protect environment. The hands-on lab exercises are performed on a Windows 2016 environment. The course materials include examples of AIX and Linux commands, when different from Windows.