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Automatizované testování - počítačové kurzy GOPAS

21.09. 2020 (dnů = 1) - Katalogová cena: 9900 Kč (Praha)
Training is an entry point into performance testing, which is increasingly becoming part of common testing activities. It allows us to identify types of errors that would be difficult to detect by manual tests, and that could make an application unavailable at a higher user load.
02.10. 2020 (dnů = 1) - Katalogová cena: 7645 Kč (Praha)
Do you Automate tests and do you come into contact with source code editing and continuous integration? If you want to technically specialize in continuous Integration tools within creation of automated tests – This course is for you.
08.10. 2020 (dnů = 2) - Katalogová cena: 16225 Kč (Praha), 686 EUR (Bratislava)
Get more expertise in effective front-end test automation for web and mobile applications. Want to become professional in front-end test automation? Or at least improve your knowledge and skills in Selenium Webdriver and to be able to create stable, mature and well-structured test set, which are easy to maintain when tested application changes? Are you interested in learning how to exploit the potential of combining Selenium with Continuous Integration environment? If yes, this is the right training for you. We will start right away with the biggest concern regarding the front-end based test automation – maintenance of the test scripts. There are several approaches and tricks to use, all combined together, they actually work very well. We will discuss the layered architecture, and we will give thorough attention to the usage of Page Object design pattern and related concepts as well as how to get the maximal power from the automated tests using data grids and effective test data combinations. The second day of the training is dedicated to the combination of automated tests with Continuous Integration environment, a configuration of the execution environment of the more extensive set of tests and advanced logging possibilities. Then, the training focuses on the test automation of mobile applications using the Selenium in combination with the Appium environment.
02.11. 2020 (dnů = 1) - Katalogová cena: 2739 Kč (Praha)
The course is divided into two parts covering both theoretical and practical aspects of manual software testing.
03.11. 2020 (dnů = 2) - Katalogová cena: 5478 Kč (Praha)
The course is divided into several parts covering both theoretical and practical aspects of manual software testing.
18.11. 2020 (dnů = 1) - Katalogová cena: 7645 Kč (Praha), 285 EUR (Bratislava)
Automatizace testování bez potřeby znalosti programovacího jazyka. Tohle školení je určeno začátečníkům. Pokročilejším je určen kurz Efektivní automatizované testy na platformě Selenium.
19.11. 2020 (dnů = 1) - Katalogová cena: 7645 Kč (Praha)
Enough of theory! Learn in one day how to handle Test Analysis in praxis.
19.11. 2020 (dnů = 2) - Katalogová cena: 13750 Kč (Praha), 585 EUR (Bratislava)
Naučte se vytvářet efektivní a stabilní automatizované testy pomocí frameworku Selenium WebDriver
23.11. 2020 (dnů = 1) - Katalogová cena: 7645 Kč (Praha), 285 EUR (Bratislava)
Naučte se využít možnosti nástroje SoapUI v systémovém integračním testování
30.11. 2020 (dnů = 1) - Katalogová cena: 7645 Kč (Praha)
We will focus on hands-on experience with agile development, and we will try using Scrum in the simulation.